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Hi There! November 4, 2010

Hi, I’m Angie, and Welcome to Cooking, Baking, and Photo-Taking my all things cooking (& baking) blog!  I finished up my two life enhancing exercise goals in the month of October:  Running a 5K and  Walking 500 Miles in 2010 (Running blog).

So now I’m ready to move on…

Now I am ready to venture on into the world of cooking, and get really into it.  I want to try new recipes and make meal planning and grocery shopping easier.

One of the projects I would like to tackle is putting together a list of meals that we all like (me, Mike, & Jeff).  Mike’s my fiance, Jeff’s our roommate…or we are Jeff’s roommates…lol…anyway, I mean a huge list.  Everything we can think of.

My idea is that if we have this huge list we will be able to shop the sales, stock up on items, and plan meals right from it.  We will avoid the “what do you want for dinner” line that I am so sick of saying and hearing.

Now, I’m off to start my list.  I just wanted to introduce myself and my new blog!



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