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Make Something New Every Day for a Year… January 13, 2011

Filed under: Baking,Cooking,Meal Planning,Photo-Taking — Angie S @ 7:45 pm

Happy Thursday!!

So I am going to participate in the Create Something New for a Year idea.  My theme is my blog theme:  cooking, baking, and photo-taking.  So if I don’t cook or bake, I can share new photos…food related of course.

Here are the links on etsy & facebook for this challenge:

I believe I will be making meatloaf for dinner tonight, so I can share that recipe along with my Aunt Karen’s mashed potato recipe later.  Be on the look out…

Yesterday, Meal Planning & Shopping went really well (using my resources), so I will be sure to post links that will help you with this too 🙂

-Angie Crocker




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