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Baked Manicotti February 19, 2011

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I made Baked Manicotti a long, long time ago, and from what I remember it was good.  However, I tried making it again a few weeks ago when I had a friend over, and it was a Big Fat ‘Fail’.  We ended up ordering out for pizza instead.

I am very far from perfect when it comes to cooking.  I want to dive right in most of the time instead of reading directions fully first.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had to change dinner plans because I didn’t have one of the ingredients I needed.  So my advice for today is “Read Directions Fully” and make sure you have all ingredients and the right kitchen tools to do the job right before proceeding.

So second times a charm!  My Manicotti was Fabulous 🙂

Here’s the recipe I began with:

Baked Manicotti

Recipe Source:

I followed the recipe’s ingredients and also added about 1 cup of spinach.  I used my food processor and chopped it down so it was nice and small, and then I added it to the cheese mixture.

The most fun (no fun at all) part was stuffing the cheese mixture into the manicotti shells.  I used a 1 gallon plastic bag, and added the cheese mixture to it.  Then I cut a hole in one of the bottom corners of the bag.  This allowed me to squeeze the cheese mixture into the pasta.  I broke about 4 of the manicotti shells (said a bunch of *!*!?* words), and I ended up with a total of 10 shells.  I used (3) 26oz bottles of pasta sauce so the pasta was nice and covered.  Cooking time was for 30 minutes and then an additional 10 minutes after I added more mozzarella cheese to the top.  This recipe is nice to serve with salad and/or garlic bread.



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