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Fettucini Alfredo Recipe April 20, 2011

Filed under: Cooking,Meal Planning — Angie S @ 3:20 am

I made this recipe about a month ago, and it was simple, easy, and delicious.  I would definitely make it again.  Unfortunately I was more interested in eating it than taking pictures, so I don’t have any photos to share.

Printable Fettucini Alfredo Recipe

Along with the recipe’s source, I have included my edited version of the recipe and helpful hints and tips I learned along the way.

I will be uploading a new grocery list very soon.  My *New* list is now double-sided (I know sounds crazy), but on the back side, I have included six boxes, so I can list up to six recipes I plan on making throughout the week.  There is enough room in each box to list all of the ingredients I will need, so I write all of them down, and then I flip over the list and add what I need to the front.

I also have non-perishable or frozen items that I call my *Stock up Items*…so each week I pick up a couple of new items that I can stock up on.  I it nice to have stock of regularly used items on hand.


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