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Update on Cooking & Baking (: October 9, 2011

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This weekend I made a practice cake to get ready for this week’s decorating class, and it was just alright.  I tried out a few new techniques, made a few mistakes, and still ended up with a yummy cake.  Not perfect looking, but that is something I am working on.

So this is my cake and it’s a bit lop sided (:  I made my cake in one 9″ cake pan, cut it in half with floss, and then flipped the top over.  It was very uneven but not bad for a first cake.  I usually make cakes in 9″ x 13″ size pans so using a cake pan is new to me, and I can see why recipes call for (2) 8″ or (2) 9″.. I’ve learned my lesson.

My cake is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and violet icing at the request of Jeff.

On my agenda for either Monday or Wednesday night is to make some frosting and practice more of the techniques I have learned.  I have to bake a cake for class on Thursday and also make two batches of frosting.  So I want to be ready!

As for cooking, my plan is have a nice, yummy omelet one day this week.  I really like this recipe:  Omelet  I made it once before and loved it.  Looking forward to a nice cheesy omelet this week.



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