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August Recipe RoundUp September 2, 2012

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Hi There!

I’ve been cooking since mid-August and It’s Not-So-Bad.  I’ve also started a cooking journal where I can review dinner and record food spending- Our #1 Expense.  I spend about 5 minutes each night writing about my “learning” experiences.  I understand that not every recipe is going to go as planned and sometimes I will just completely fail, but I just gotta keep at it.  Keep Moving Forward..Keep Building Confidence in the Kitchen.

August Recipes:   (Click on the recipe name for the Printable version)

American Chop Suey – We made our own sauce, but the sauce recipe wasn’t so great, so I won’t bother sharing.  I am very much looking forward to making homemade sauce again.

Butternut Squash Soup – I would definitely make this recipe again…YUM; however, next time I would chop the squash up nice and small before throwing it in the oven to cook.  It took over 40 mins and it could have cooked longer.

Meatloaf – I enjoyed this recipe a lot!  The red pepper and diced tomatoes made this meatloaf delicious.  Not to mention the brown sugar topping.  I switched out the oatmeal for Ritz crackers.

Hawaiian Style Boboli® Pizza (with Pepperoni & Pineapple) – Looking for a quick, delicious, and easy dinner?  Grab some Boboli Pizza crust and make your own pizza.  I will be looking for fresh or refrigerated dough for next time!

Pork Chops (Jeff’ Recipe) – Recipe to be posted.  We love Jeff’s recipe and we will be making these again.

Ravioli Caprese – This was my complete “FAIL” recipe for the month.  We ended up getting dinner at In & Out Burger and throwing these out.  I made the ravioli way to thick and it ended up not cooking well and very doughy.  I would try again..just need to make sure I read all directions before beginning.  Cooking 101:  Read your directions throughly first so you know exactly what the recipe wants you to do before you get started.

Spaghetti (with Sausage) – I whipped up some pasta and canned sauce and just added sausage.  Easy recipe.  Don’t forget the garlic bread.

Tacos (Jeff’s Recipe) – Using freshly fried corn tortillas, ground beef, and fresh veggies.  – Recipe to be posted.

Teriyaki Chicken – This recipe sounded delicious, smelled good, but didn’t taste very good.  I made a large batch so I have some extra in the freezer and I’ll give it another shot.  Maybe cooking it on the grill next time around would be better.

Swedish Meatballs – Great recipe if you enjoy swedish meatballs.  This could be a good dish to make for Super Bowl Party.  I paired these meatballs with mashed potatoes.  We enjoy IKEA’s swedish meatball dish when we shop.


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