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Weekly Recipe Round Up – 9.15.12 September 15, 2012

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What’s New?

1)  Eggplant – I cut it into small pieces, tossed it in egg, and covered it with bread crumbs.  Then cooked it at 350 degrees in the oven for about 30 mins.  I added it to some pasta sauce and it was delicious with spaghetti.  I ended up cooking up Mike some sausage and ground beef pasta sauce instead, and it was missing some cayenne pepper and some red pepper flakes to heat it up a little.  I’ll add them to my grocery list…

2)  Chili garlic sauce and Soba noodles.  We made another stir-fry this week and used two new items.

Chili garlic sauce is a great addition to a stir-fry.  It adds delicious flavor and a little heat.  We have been eating stir-frys a lot lately since they are easy to make, full of veggies, and just tasty!

Another addition to our stir-fry was Soba noodles.  These Japanese noodles have a lot more protein than rice and the same consistency as spaghetti.  I liked them, but Mike wasn’t very impressed.  They were worth a try and I would eat them again.

3) Tofu- I’ve maybe had it once before, but never bought it at the grocery store to use at home.  So I bought some of the softer tofu and added it to a salad and a shake during the week.  I used quite a bit in both, and noticed that having shredded cheese and a little dressing covered the mild flavor in the salad.  I could taste it a lot in the shake, but I did use a lot, so maybe a little less next time to get some extra protein and not overdo it with the flavor..

Tacos- are an easy and tasty meal.  We fry our taco shells in a little vegetable oil on the stove, For filling we add ground beef, refried beans, lettuce, avocado, salsa, tomato, and a little sour cream.  The avocados have to be just ripe…I have definitely learned how to pick ’em.  I prefer the larger flour tacos over the corn, but we use both.  We were in a rush last night, so I’ll post a photo next time I make them.

Kitchen Canvas Art- I am working on some canvas art for my now bare yellow kitchen walls. I’ll be incorporating red, yellow, brown, black, and white into my designs.

Last but not least:  “Water”.  San Jose is very hot right now, so it is very important for us to drink a lot of water.

I’ve been filling up the container below and adding fruit like lemon or orange slices.  Putting water in this container earlier in the day gives me a set amount to drink and the fruit adds a nice refreshing flavor..

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




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